newdaywi Levi’s Gospel: Have Mercy

God put Himself in our shoes when Jesus was born as a human. He has experienced what we experience; He sympathizes with us and shows us mercy. There is a huge shortage of this kind of mercy in the world today. People seem unwilling to understand and respect each other. The Church is in the perfect position to practice God’s sympathy and mercy

  KEY VERSE: Matthew 5:7 (NLT)  God blesses those who are merciful, for they will be shown mercy.

PARAPHRASED: O the bliss of those who get right inside other people, until they can see with their eyes, think with their thoughts, feel with their feelings, for those who do that will find others do the same for them, and will know that that is what God in Jesus Christ has done!   --The New Daily Study Bible 

APPLICATION:  Think of a person or a group of people that you have a hard time loving; genuinely, prayerfully try to see the world through their eyes. What are their hurts? What are their fears? What are their hopes? Are you beginning to appreciate them as people created in God’s image? Until you do, you have something to pray about.

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